Finally: Video That Plays Directly Within Email (and Social)

Get ready to TRIPLE email click-throughs.

We are the only email-marketing-provider in the world to offer true embedded-video that can play directly inside all of your email. Strategically, videos are automatically whitelisted with Twitter and Facebook, and can be fully shared by your subscribers (and fully tracked) in your campaigns. This dramatically extends the viral-reach of your videos, and gives you unprecedented tracking of who your most influential subscribers/fans are. 

"OUR MINDS ARE BLOWN. TailoredMail is enabling email to do things we never thought were possible."

In less than 5 minutes, you can embed videos into your campaigns for immediate sending. We track each individual subscriber's viewing behavior, such as how many times they viewed, how much of the video was viewed, social-sharing behavior, and what device/platform they were using.

TailoredMail's Unique Approach

  • Video plays INSIDE the email content you send. Gmail, Yahoo, iPhones - you name it.
  • Our secret sauce: we auto-detect more than 100 unique device, email and operating-system environments - in real-time - and serve up different formats to offer everyone a one-click-to-play experience.
  • We have 'cracked the tracking code', so to speak: In addition to being able to 'play' video, we are the only provider who track how long, how often, and with what device/client each subscriber achieves
  • The solution is hosted and streamed from TailoredMail's Amazon cloud (using edge-servers for instant worldwide playing). 
  • You can optionally set it to auto-play, be muted, show/don't show video player controls, and much more.
Your subscribers don't have to download any 'players' or have Flash — it just works (using standard HTML5, plus our breakthrough techniques).

Video in Email Procress

Our auto-detection 'secret sauce'

HTML5 is everywhere, but it's not technically possible for email marketers on their own to create a working (let alone elegant) video-in-email experience. With over 60% of today's emails being viewed on smartphones, videos as strategic as ever for marketers to capitalize on, yet every device and operating system requires potentially different handling to make it all work.

Here's what we do:

  • If recipient's view your email on a video-in-email supported platform, we display the video-and-player embedded in the email - ready for instant viewing. For most companies, this will represent over 80% of their subscriber base.
  • If the subscriber's email client does not support video-in-email yet, our system will automatically display a short animated image (GIF) that mimics the video (note: our system auto-creates it for you) and overlays a "PLAY" icon to encourage the recipient to click it. Once clicked, it opens a web page version of your original email - and plays the video instantly. This is a key point; we keep the subscriber within the original email, where we've proven they click twice as much (or more).

This "Decision-Tree" approach ensures that none of your recipients have a broken experience—no matter what their mail client may be. It also reduces the number of clicks, wait times and distractions that occur using traditional methods (e.g. using a clickable image that sends people to YouTube).

Imagine taking that potential engagement to double or triple what you are receiving today? And - getting highly detailed and valuable tracking data on individual viewing and sharing? A true breakthrough.

Here's the "Decision-Tree":

A.) Detect and play embedded-video inside the email content (watch video):

  • Gmail Desktop
  • Yahoo Desktop
  • Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod)
  • Android (various devices)
  • Outlook for Mac
  • Apple Mail
  • Thunderbird
The above averages about 80% of emails opened in the B2C world, and about 70% in the B2B world.  More importantly, over 50% of emails are opened on smartphone devices, and most smartphone devices support embedded-video directly.

B.) Detects certain platforms that do not yet support embedded-playing, and show a clickable animated-GIF instead. One-click opens a complete replica of the email in a browser, and instantly plays the video:

Animated GIF
  • AOL
  • Mobile Gmail/ Yahoo
  • Hotmail/ MSN
  • Android (various devices)
TailoredMail's unique approach here dramatically improves viewings of the video. First, the animated GIF increases clicks by more than three times. Second, a browser window opens and the video starts playing instantly - and the subscribers stays within the email content you sent. Our A/B testing shows that when this is done, it can more than double click-throughs of other content in your email. If you would have sent people to YouTube, you would not receive those incremental and valuable clicks, you would lose the attention of the recipient, and there would be no tracking. 

C.) If Outlook for Windows is detected, we show a static image and one-click opens a complete replica of the email in a browser, and instantly plays the video:

Static Image
  • Outlook for Windows uses Microsoft Word as its 'display engine', and as such does not support video, and will only show the first frame of an animated-GIF. But - importantly - it is still a one-click-to-play experience, and it's fully tracked!
  • Outlook for Windows now represents less than 10% in email views - and for some B2C audiences, it can be as low as 3%. And, with so many corporate audiences reading their email on iPhones (our stats/research show more than 50%), TailoredMail's approach dramatically increases the engagement across your entire subscriber-base.

System Features

  • Takes 5-minutes to set-up and send your first video
  • Fully customize the size, layout and styling of your videos
  • Automatically creates elegant animated GIFs of your video - fully customizable (or upload your own).
  • Analytics for:
    • Who sees your video
    • Viewing time/ length/ location/ frequency
    • Viewing device/ operating system
    • Sharing over social and to colleagues/friends
  • Based on HTML5, not proprietary software
  • Unique integration with YouTube
  • Hosted in the cloud & scalable to any need

Video Reporting & Analytics

Results by individual

Video Reporting and Analytics

Percent of Video Viewed and Over Time

Video Reporting and Analytics

Video Plays by Device

Video Reporting and Analytics
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