We keep it simple - and you can cancel at any time.

Pricing starts at $300 per month. You are assigned a dedicated Account Manager who is an email-expert and provides detailed training and monthly support. They also set up your entire account, including importing or designing templates, uploading and segmenting lists, setting up automated-responders and profile/sign-up forms, integrating with your CRM or Active Directory, and much more. 

We then offer two pricing models to choose from, depending on which is best for you and your typical sending-patterns:

  • Volume-based: CPM (cost-per-thousand) rate based on the number of emails sent. 
  • List-based: A flat monthly price based on the number of subscribers in your database. 
Please ask questions, request a demo, or inquire about pricing details below via our form. We are always happy to chat immediately over the phone as well, so feel free to please call us at: (425) 451-4770 or (877) 382-4567.

We make switching a simple, quick, and painless process

If you choose TailoredMail, the first thing you'll notice is how quickly and easily we transition you from your current provider, without interruption. We perform all of the account set-up so you rapidly start benefitting from all that TailoredMail has to offer. 


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