Perfect for agencies and anyone looking to extend their email marketing to sales teams, reselling partners, agency clients, franchisees and regional offices.

TailoredMail offers a completely customizable interface for you to offer your resellers, partners, salespeople, or remote offices. Manage the content or promotions centrally, while allowing users to step through a simple wizard to create and send the emails to their lists.

One of the most unique offerings on the market, our white label option provides tremendous competitive advantage.

Provide as much or as little functionality as you want:

  • Create an unlimited number of "accounts", each with their own secure, private database.
  • Set-up a centralized library of content, templates, and programs. Easily and instantly share them with some or all clients. 
  • Content is automatically matched to each partner or end user
  • Roll-up reporting for you to see how successful your content is with specific clients or partners or as a whole
  • Partners and other end users get detailed reporting results automatically emailed
  • Set up custom business rules such as the maximum number of sends or use of specific content
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