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food server Sustainable food service: bending food-consumption behavior

Food service is an increasingly vibrant segment of food culture that’s training diners to eat in ways that we are just beginning to comprehend. The effect is a significant bending of food-consumption behavior. But because food service is less about branding than it is about the food itself, its efforts are less publicly celebrated than companies with big marketing budgets and media attention.

Food culture and eating norms are changing dramatically. Just as people now shop at an array of food retailers, seeking new experiences and flavors, such as local, organic, natural and fresh distinctions, so too do they look for those experiences while eating out. More »

diners changing bevavior Diners' Changing Behaviors: a new syndicated study to understand the intersections of sustainability and health and nutrition for food service and restaurants

We live in an era when consumer-driven demand for higher-quality food and beverage experiences has upended the outdated offerings of diverse industry segments ranging from packaged foods and food retailers to restaurants and food service. The rise of fresh and less processed, so apparent in the blockbuster success of brands like Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, Panera Bread and Chipotle Mexican Grill, has created a halo that to consumers signifies high quality as well as health and sustainability. The pursuit of that halo is now diffusing from supermarket aisles into a host of restaurant formats and food service settings.

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tastes of the world Adventures in food service dining: “Tastes of the World”

FEAST was one of dozens of food service venues featured during a weeklong inspirational gathering of culinary professionals at UMass Amherst this summer called “Tastes of the World Chef Culinary Conference.” Some shared stories about successes while others demonstrated how to make sensational green corn tamales with mole verde.

June Jo Lee, The Hartman Group’s vice president of strategic insights, spoke at the conference about the Millennial appetite, including the predilection of young adults for constant experimentation in a culinary landscape that is vastly different from what their parents experienced at their age. More »

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