Every order includes a bag of Skittles!
Pick up after 10:00AM on Sunday February 2nd

Buy a growler and a whole pizza and get $5 off your tab!
$1 off growler refills!

Home Remedy
Open Everyday 8am - 10pm
2121 6th Avenue Seattle
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Simon's Buffalo Chicken Pizza
frank's red hot, blue cheese, mama lil's, celery, parsley - $27
Chicken, Bacon, Ranch Pizza
black olives, pepperoncini, scallions, sriracha - $27
7-Layer Dip with Chips
sour cream, refried, beans, guacamole, cheddar cheese, black olives, taco meat, salsa - $11
Pigs in a Blanket - 8pc
BBQ - $8
honey mustard - $8
Buttermilk & Tabasco-Spiked Fried Chicken
3 pieces - $9
5 Alarm Chili
with traditional toppings - $9
Wood-Grilled Chicken Wings
coriander cream - $11
Nacho Kit (feeds 3-4 ppl)
make your own mega nachos kit! $30
French Onion Dip (8oz)
brian's famous dip - $7.50